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Ages 0-3 Years

Art- Contact This page is designed for parents and teachers. The information below will help guide you in making appropriate choices for a child within this specific age group.

Maturity levels of kids can vary greatly, all age groupings on this website are merely guidelines.

  • Type of Harmonica- Harmonicas with small parts that may come loose and swallowed (like the screws and nuts that hold together most harmonicas with metal cover plates) are not recommended for ages 3 and under.

  • A large harmonica is better than one too small- A standard size diatonic harmonica of about 4 inches or larger is preferred. Although smaller harmonicas are made, you should not give your child anything that they could possibly swallow. As with all toys and instruments for small children, routinely check the tightness of all screws to assure they have not come loose.

  • Toy (plastic) vs. Real (metal) harmonica- If your child still has a tendency to randomly throw things, you might consider a plastic or toy harmonica over a metal or hard plastic one typically played by older kids and adults.

  • Holding the Harmonica- At this age, it doesn't really matter how the harmonica is held, but you can try to have them play with it right side up, with the low notes on the left (like a piano) with the numbers over the holes showing.

  • Keep it simple! Make it fun!- At this age, you won't get much real music out of your children. Let them play with the harmonica like a toy and have fun making sounds. Encourage both blowing and drawing (inhaling) if it doesn't occur naturally.

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