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Art- Contact A listing of recommended links including harmonica sites of interest and other great kid's websites.

    Harmonica Related Links

  • HarmonicaLessons.com - "Learn to play harmonica/blues harp. You will find info and tips to better your harmonica playing and a LARGE SECTION SPECIFICALLY FOR BEGINNERS. Also, downloadable sound samples-riffs-songs, instruction on how to jam to the blues, how to play single notes, use hand effects, bend notes, and more. Many sections include photos, audio, and video that illustrate the techniques."

  • HarmonicaStore.com - Support this Harmonica4kids.com by making your harmonica-related purchases from our very own Harmonica Store where you will find "Only the good stuff". We solely recommend the products that we would use ourselves or give to a friend. You can: Buy Harmonicas | Buy Harmonica Song-Tab books | Buy Harmonica CDs | Buy Harmonica Instruction | Buy Amps & Microphones | Guitars, Keyboards, Drums, Accordions, Melodicas, & more. "Great prices and pro recommendations!"

  • Dave Gage's Home Page- Dave is the author and founder of Harmonica Lessons.com and Harmonica 4 Kids.com. He's played professionally over 30 years and has taught over 2000 classes and 7000 private lessons for all styles and levels on diatonic and chromatic harmonica. "Dave plays very powerfully and fast, clearly treading the territory of an electric rock guitar, using a variety of effects and distortions to get a dynamite sound... His technique of 'tongue-switching' is the closest you will find, to duplicating on harmonica, the guitar playing style of 'tapping' (a la Eddie Van Halen)." Pickup his band's newest rock-blues release, 'Love You Just The Same'. The website also features a full biography, available CDs, and plenty of streaming sound files.

  • Harmonica Players of the World - An extensive listing of all the Harmonica Players found on the Web with links to their sites. You will find both pro and amatuer players, male and female, diatonic and chromatic players; plus the various groups, trios, and harmonica bands. These talented players and groups represent all styles of music from all eras.

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