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Ages 8-11 Years

Art- Contact This page is designed for parents and teachers. The information below will help guide you in making appropriate choices for a child within this specific age group.

Maturity levels of kids can vary greatly, all age groupings on this website are merely guidelines.

  • Type of Harmonica- A standard size 10-hole diatonic harmonica of about 4 inches is preferred. As with all toys and instruments for kids, routinely check the tightness of all screws to assure they have not come loose. A good quality, air tight harmonica that costs anywhere from around $20 to $40 is recommended.

  • Holding the Harmonica- Encourage holding the harmonica by the ends with the low notes on the left (like a piano) with the numbers over the holes showing. For more experienced players, Hand Effects can be added after memorizing songs and/or scales (hand effects are taught at our parent site, Harmonica Lessons.com).

  • Playing Single Notes (one note at a time)- It is possible for kids in this age group to make a small hole with their lips and create a single note (versus playing 2 or more notes together which is called a "chord"). It is not essential, but it does allow the melody to sound clearer and more recognizable.

  • Songs and memorizing- Learning/memorizing songs at this age is possible and recommended. Read through a song 5-6 times before trying to do it from memory. Encourage memorization of songs by tackling only a few notes at a time and then reviewing and repeating numerous times before moving on. Do this without looking at the notes on the computer screen or printed page. Slow, correct repetition is the key to instilling muscle memory.

  • Jamming to Music- Playing along with CDs, guitar, keyboards, piano, and other instruments may be encouraged. Although this website does not delve into the improvisational side of playing, you can get plenty of info on this at our parent website, Harmonica Lessons.com.

  • Keep it simple! Make it fun!- The most important rule for teaching anything to anyone of any age. The "Fun" factor keeps 'em coming back for more.

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